Friday, January 1, 2010

~Selamat Datang~

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  1. Hello Lady, I was at Zareda's place noticed your callsign, as well noted you in Kampong Baru, KL.
    I guess KB has changed a lot from my time....the 60's. Used to have several Malay friends there, and my first date with a girl was my friend's sister, 'Salmah'.....

    Used to go there play badminton, pluck rambutans, nanti durian jatuh, kena gigit keranga plucking jambu ayer...all at Kampong Baru.

    Had an aunty living in Princess road nearby.
    And used to go to Chow Kit road beli goreng pisang, putu piring, ha ha, to bribe Salmah's mother and pakcik, so can take Salmah pergi tengok Pontianak movie at Odeon or Federal the 60's.

    Selamat puasa, and keep well, Lee.